How To access ESPN Plus On LG TV – Best Solution

LG smart TV to access ESPN Plus
espn plus on lg tv
espn plus on lg tv

Smart TVs open a new door for experiencing entertainment with a larger screen. Loaded with several features, these units support the installation of various apps. Brands like LG offer some of the most durable and high-quality smart TVs. On the other hand, several TV channels have developed dedicated streaming apps for smart TVs. Therefore, the entertainment giant ESPN has launched the ESPN+ services via their app.

Now that you have a good TV and a streaming service, you can comfortably enjoy your favorite entertainment or sports content. In the case of LG smart TVs and ESPN+, things might not go in the favor of the user. This is because of the non-availability of ESPN+ services on LG smart TVs. But you don’t have to worry, as this article will present some of the best alternatives to connect LG smart TVs with ESPN+ services.


So, what is ESPN Plus? ESPN Plus is a dedicated streaming service offered by ESPN Media company. The streaming service works with a separate subscription to provide users with extra benefits and features. Since its launch, ESPN+ has been streaming exclusive content related to sports and entertainment that is not broadcast on regular TV networks. ESPN plus on lg tv

Being a broadcasting partner for several sports, ESPN+ offers on-demand content to users. Since ESPN is a sports channel, the Plus services include a wide range of sports. Users can watch college-level sports to international sports like MMA, UFC, F1, hockey, basketball, tennis, golf, and many more.

What Does It Offer?

With a subscription to ESPN+, the user gets a load of additional benefits. It allows the user to access live matches on any device, anywhere, and anytime the user wants to. Users get a wide range of genres, like entertainment, sports, behind-the-scenes, pre-match shows, etc. Users can use ESPN+ on several devices with the same account as a subscriber.

If the user somehow misses live action, the program is automatically recorded and stored for viewing offline. Unlike some streaming services, there is zero interruption of advertisements on ESPN+. Apart from this, users can also access several statistics related to several sports events and players.

Can You Access ESPN Plus on LG TV?

If you try to find ESPN Plus on LG TV, you will not get any results. The ESPN Plus is not directly available for LG smart TVs since LG uses WebOS on its TV range. The Android version of ESPN Plus is thereby not compatible with WebOS-enabled devices. Until the WebOS-compatible app launches, users can access ESPN+ on their LG smart TVs with the help of several alternatives. We will learn about these alternatives in the following section.

Different Alternatives To Get ESPN Plus On LG TV

With Streaming Device

If you have a streaming device like Amazon Fire Stick or Roku Streaming Stick, ESPN+ can be streamed on your LG smart TV. It would help if you had an active subscription to these streaming devices to watch the content. Users have to connect the streaming devices to the TV with the help of an HDMI cable. Both the streaming device and TV must be connected to the same network. Users can access the streaming device menu and search for the ESPN Plus app. After installing, the app will work fine. If any problem arises, users can also use a VPN service.

With iPhone Via AirPlay

If you use an Apple device like iPhone or iPad, the built-in AirPlay feature may assist you. By using the ESPN Plus app on these devices, users can mirror the content on the TV. Users must first install the app and log into their account on the device. The smart TV and Apple device must be connected to a shared network. By selecting any content on the app, users can start streaming. By choosing the TV’s name on AirPlay’s list, the content directly starts flowing on the TV screen.

With Screen Mirroring Feature Of Android Devices

If you have Android devices, the screen mirror option can be used to stream your favourite content. Users have to connect the smart TV and the Android device to the shared WiFi network. Users have to access their ESPN+ account by installing and launching the app. By selecting any content, the streaming is initiated on the Android device. The screen mirroring icon pops up at the screen’s top-right side, enabling streaming on the smart TV.

With a Computer And Chrome Browser

A computer with a Chrome browser offers a more reliable connection to stream content on the LG smart TV. Using the Chrome browser, users can directly access their account by visiting the ESPN+ website. Connectivity of the computer and smart TV to a shared network is essential for this process. After login, the user can select any content for streaming. When the video playback starts, the user can access the settings of the Chrome browser and use the “cast” option. By selecting the LG smart TV from the list, streaming successfully begins.

With Gaming Console

The current generations of gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox offer more features other than gaming. They support the installation of various apps, including ESPN+. Users have to connect the gaming console directly to the smart TV. You have to install and launch the ESPN+ app using the gaming console’s app store. You can now stream the content on the smart TV by accessing your account.

With HDMI Adapter For Smartphone Or Tablet

If the wireless network is not working in your favour, you can go for a wired connection. By connecting an HDMI adapter to the TV, users can use a compatible HDMI cable to connect smartphones or tablets. Most smartphones and tablets feature the USB type-C interface. The HDMI adapter supports USB type-C cables with a conversion cable or directly features the same interface. The user can now stream the content when both the device and smart TV are connected to the adapter.

Compatible Devices To Watch ESPN+ On LG Smart TV

Android smartphonesYes
iPads and iPhonesYes
Microsoft Windows-basedYes (Desktops and Laptops)
Apple’s Macbooks and MacsYes
Amazon Fire SticksYes
Amazon Fire TabletsYes
Apple TV boxYes
Chromecast deviceYes
Sony PlayStation consoleYes
Microsoft Xbox consoleYes
Xfinity streaming boxYes
Meta Portal TVYes
espn plus on lg tv

Steps to Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription

The platform offers cancellation options if you want to stop your subscription with ESPN Plus services. Cancellation can be done by accessing your account via any device. We have explained the process in simple steps below.

  • Login to your ESPN+ account with a compatible device
  • Access the profile settings by tapping the profile icon
  • Scroll to the “manage my subscription” option in the settings menu
  • Choose the cancel subscription option and click Confirm it
  • After clicking the finish option, your subscription will be sent for the cancellation process

After cancellation, the subscription continues till the next billing date. Till then, users have access to all the content and additional benefits of the service. Users must be aware that the downloaded videos in the account will not be available for streaming after cancelling the subscription. All the data will be deleted forever after 30 days.

Conclusion (ESPN Plus On LG TV)

In conclusion, while it may seem daunting to ESPN Plus On LG TV to access ESPN Plus On LG TV due to compatibility issues, there are numerous alternative methods available. Through the utilization of modern technology such as streaming devices, smartphones, computers, gaming consoles, and HDMI adapters, users can still enjoy their favorite ESPN content on a larger screen. Despite the current limitations, the array of options provided ensures that entertainment remains within reach for LG Smart TV owners.


1. Are LG Smart TVs compatible with ESPN+?

Ans: ESPN+ is not directly available on LG smart TVs since ESPN has yet to develop an app for WebOS used by LG TVs. Users can, however, access the services of ESPN+ with the help of other alternatives.

2. Can a single ESPN+ account be used on multiple devices, including LG smart TVs?

Ans: With a subscription to ESPN+, you can use the same account on multiple devices. The paid subscription allows three different devices to stream content via the same account. By using other alternatives, users can stream the content on LG smart TVs, too.

3. How to connect an LG Smart TV to the internet?

Ans: Connecting the LG Smart TV to the internet is a straightforward process. Using a Smart button or voice command via remote, users must first access the network settings. By tapping on the WiFi connection option, the user can select a WiFi network to connect the TV to the internet.

4. What are the subscription charges for ESPN Plus?

Ans: ESPN offers a range of subscription plans for ESPN Plus service to users. The monthly price starts from 9.99 USD for a month and goes up to 99.99 USD for yearly plans. Users can also buy bundle plans, including other services with an ESPN+ subscription. Disney offers Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu, etc services with its Disney Bundle at a price range of 9.99 to 19.99 USD.


Final Words

If you have an LG Smart TV, getting the ESPN Plus app on your TV is impossible. But you don’t have to worry since both platforms can be connected via several alternatives. Thanks to modern gadgets like phones, computers, streaming devices, gaming consoles, etc., you can view your favourite ESPN content on a larger screen. In this article, we have explained such alternatives with a detailed process. You can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment with your LG Smart TV and ESPN+ account using this information.


espn plus on lg tv
espn plus on lg tv

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