Getting Rid of the Cache on LG TV – Best Guide 2024

Cache on LG TV

Do you have an LG TV? Most of the time, your LG Smart TV needs to be fixed. Is it slow or not working? Your system cache is most likely to blame because it’s getting too big.

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LG is a South Korean company that makes a lot of different kinds of consumer electronics. The LG Smart TV line is one of their best-selling items. It uses cutting-edge technology to do amazing things. If you want to buy a high-end TV, this is one of the names you should consider.

Like any other smart device, you should clean out the app files and cookies on your LG smart TV regularly to get the most out of it.

By using this simple but effective method, you can make your device work much better. Some common problems with LG smart TVs can also be fixed with this. For example, the “Out Of Memory” error message can be fixed.

To get the most out of your LG smart TV and avoid interruptions while watching films or TV shows, you should often clear the cache and cookies on it.

If you want to know how to clear the cache on your LG smart TV, scroll down and keep reading.

Clear Cache On LG TV

Clearing Cache

One of the fastest ways to fix an LG Smart TV that isn’t working right is to clear the cache. The TV has to restart and set up itself from scratch because of this process.

Cache on LG TV
Cache on LG TV

Empty the LG Smart TV’s cache.

Just like all other smart devices, the WebOS LG Smart TV doesn’t have a way to clear app cache data directly. There are two ways to get rid of app cache data on an LG Smart TV with WebOS.

First Method: Switch Off LG Smart TV Of WebOS

  1. Turn off the LG smart TV. 
  2. After that, turn on your LG Smart TV.
  3. You will get rid of any session data that was saved, clear the app cache, and close any open apps.

Second Method: Exit From Background Apps

Some programmes run in the background even when you open them infrequently. The app cache usually builds up when you use apps built into your TV’s software.

It usually takes up little space on your TV, but clearing it out occasionally can make it run faster.

Find the programme that is running in the background.

First: go to Settings.

To clear the LG TV’s cache, go to the Settings page first. To get to Settings, go to the Home Screen, tap Menu, and then tap Settings.

Once you get to the settings page, you can choose from several choices to set up your TV, such as its storage.

Second: Access The Storage Unit

Open the storage unit to get to the app cache on your LG TV. Select “Application Manager” from the Apps menu.

Remember that on most smart TVs, you must delete each app’s cache individually. The amount of data used by an app affects how much app cache it has.

Pick out the app you want to use and click “Storage” to reach its storage area.

Once you’re done with the storage choices, move on to the next step to clear the cache for that app.

Third: Clear App Cache

The last thing to do is remove the app file that a certain program made. 

  1. You have to wait for the app settings to start a certain app.
  2. After that, find the Clear Cache box and scroll down. 

Keep in mind that this feature might only work with some programmes. 

Cache on LG TV
Cache on LG TV

Clear Browser Cache on LG Smart TV of WebOS

Your LG TV may have also made some cache, depending on how long you used the internet and how many websites you viewed.

This is an easy way to clear the browser cache on any Smart LG TV, even the WebOS ones. Follow these steps to get rid of your browser history.

First, open the web page. 

You must first use the LG TV browser to clear the browser cookies. The Web Engine is probably your browser if you have a WebOs LG TV.

You can get to the browser by pressing the remote button, going to the home screen, and tapping the internet engine at the bottom of the screen. 

Second, go to your browser’s settings. 

Once the web engine is open on your LG TV, you must go to settings to clear the cache. 

The menu icon is in the top right corner of the screen. Press it to get to the browser’s settings. 

Then, find the Settings tab and click on it. 

Third, make sure Private viewing is on. 

To fix the browser cache problem in the future, turn on Private Browsing. 

Because of this, no one can see your IP address, so there won’t be any cache left over after you use the internet. You can turn the choice on and off from the settings tab under “Browsing Features.” 

You can choose not to use the feature, but experts say you should if you don’t want your browser’s cache to grow any further. 

Fourth, delete the cache. 

To finish clearing your TV’s cache, delete the browser history. 

You can use the settings drop-down menu next to the Private Browsing tool. 

Clean out the browser’s cache. Then click on Menu. It’s then time to clear your browsing history. First, go to Settings. Clicking “OK” will clear the cache in your browser. 

Pros of Cache on LG TV

ProsCache on LG TV
Improved Performance:Cache allows frequently accessed data to be stored locally, resulting in faster loading times and smoother operation of apps and features on the LG TV.
Enhanced User Experience:With cached data readily available, users experience reduced lag and delays when navigating menus, switching between apps, or accessing content.
Bandwidth Savings:Cached content reduces the need for repeated downloads from the internet, conserving bandwidth and potentially lowering data usage costs for streaming services or app updates.
Optimized Resource Management:By storing temporary data in cache, the LG TV can allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring that system resources are utilized effectively for smoother performance.
ConsCache on LG TV
Potential Storage Limitations:Cache data occupies storage space on the LG TV’s internal memory. If the cache accumulates excessively or if storage capacity is limited, it may lead to insufficient space for other apps or system functions.
Risk of Data Fragmentation:Over time, cached data may become fragmented or outdated, leading to potential performance issues such as slower loading times or app crashes. Regular maintenance, including cache clearing, may be necessary to address this.
Privacy Concerns:Cached data may include sensitive information such as login credentials or browsing history. While cached data is typically temporary and does not persist after clearing, there is a potential risk of privacy breaches if the TV is accessed by unauthorized users.
Dependency on Cache Management:In rare cases, inefficient cache management algorithms or software bugs may cause cache-related performance issues. Users may need to manually intervene by clearing cache or troubleshooting cache-related issues.


The LG TV’s cache has many benefits, such as better performance, a better user experience, lower bandwidth use, and better control of resources. But it could also have problems, like limited storage space, the chance of data fragmentation, privacy issues, and relying too much on cache management. In general, cache can make LG TVs much more useful and efficient, but users should be aware of what it does and do regular maintenance to make sure the best speed and data security.

Cache on LG TV
Cache on LG TV

FAQs: Cache on LG TV

Q. What does LG cache mean?
On an LG TV, the cache is temporary data that the system or apps keep to make things run faster and reduce loading times. It has files, pictures, or other data you use often and can quickly get back when needed.

Q. What’s the deal with my LG TV having a cache?
By storing frequently used data, the cache helps LG TVs run faster and be easier to use generally. It speeds up the loading of apps and makes it easier to move around in the system.

Q. How do I clear the LG TV’s cache?
You can clear the LG TV’s cache to make more room on your hard drive and fix performance problems. However, how you clean your TV’s cache may differ based on its model and operating system.

Q. How do I get rid of LG TV’s cache?
Your LG TV may have a settings menu where you can clear the cache. To do this, go to the settings menu, select storage or memory, and clear the cache. You can also find detailed directions for your TV model in the user manual or online resources.

Q. When I clear the cache on my LG TV, will any important info be lost?
If you clear the cache on your LG TV, it shouldn’t eliminate any crucial data like settings or saved preferences. It will, however, get rid of temporary files and data that apps store. This could make things run faster, but you might have to re-download some material or log back into apps.

Cache on LG TV
Cache on LG TV

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