Are your LG TV Apps Not Working? 7 Simple Solutions

LG TV Apps not working

Even the most advanced smart TV’s can experience some less-than-intelligent moments.

Settle in for a relaxing evening of binge-watching your favorite show, catching up on the playoffs, or finally watching that classic movie you missed. Perhaps the game has already begun, and you’re here frantically searching on your cellphone for a solution before you miss more of the action?

Regardless of the situation, we have put together this guide to help you get back into the action (or relaxation) as soon as possible. Before you consider abandoning your TV for a book or a walk, check out this quick and useful guide.

LG TV Apps not working
LG TV Apps not working

These solutions are effective for a variety of issues, such as

  • YouTube app on LG TV not functioning
  • The remote app for LG TV is not functioning.
  • Not working LG TV app store, plus more!

Various applications may encounter various problems, but by reviewing this list, we aim to address all potential issues. If there are any steps that you find unnecessary, feel free to move on to the next step.

WebOS is the operating system found on LG smart TVs, so becoming familiar with navigating it can be very beneficial. Fortunately, it’s quite user-friendly. Exploring the menus on your new TV can help you understand its capabilities.

Additionally, if you want to maximize your LG TV’s capabilities, be sure to learn more about LG super resolution after finishing here.

How to Resolve Issues with LG Smart TV Applications

LG TV Apps not working
LG TV Apps not working

Here are some troubleshooting steps to follow if your LG TV apps are not functioning properly. If you’ve already attempted a solution, move on to the next one. However, it’s advisable not to skip any untried methods as a quick reset of your TV can often resolve various issues.

LG TV Apps not working
LG TV Apps not working

Reset Your Television When LG Smart Apps Aren’t Working

Performing a soft-reset (also known as power-cycling) can resolve various issues, not only with your TV, but with a wide range of tech devices in general. Alright, let’s begin here. As your app’s performance may be affected by the television or internet connection, we will restart the TV and router. You can handle both tasks simultaneously.

Power-Cycle an LG TVPower-Cycle Your Router/Modem
1. UNPLUG your LG TV from the wall.1. UNPLUG your modem or router’s power cable.
2. PRESS and HOLD the power button for 20 seconds.2. WAIT a few minutes.
3. WAIT a few more minutes.3. PLUG the power back in.
4. PLUG the TV back into the power source.
LG TV Apps not working

Once you have completed the previous steps, you can power on your LG TV and your router or modem again, and then verify if your apps are functioning properly.

Make sure to power cycle both your router and modem for optimal performance. Nowadays, they are often combined into a single device. Make sure to restart the device that provides internet connection to your TV. If your TV has internet connectivity but is experiencing app-related issues, you may try power-cycling the TV to resolve the problem. We are making sure to address all aspects of the topic.

If you’re still experiencing difficulties and your LG TV applications are not functioning properly, there’s no need to worry – we are determined to find a solution. There are many more options for you to explore, so keep on reading…

Reinstall the LG Smart TV app causing issues

LG TV Apps not working
LG TV Apps not working

If there’s a particular app that’s not functioning properly, consider uninstalling and then reinstalling it. These instructions may differ slightly depending on the specific model of LG TV you own, but they should be similar enough for you to adapt and follow along. If not, refer to your TV’s instruction manual for guidance on removing or deleting apps.

Here’s how to reinstall an application on your LG Smart Television
1. LOCATE the app in your TV’s MENU SCREEN.Navigate to the menu screen on your TV and find the app you want to reinstall.
2. PRESS and HOLD the OK button while hovering over the app.Hover over the app and press and hold the OK button on your remote.
3. PRESS the DOWN ARROW when you see the EDIT MODE message appear.Once in edit mode, press the down arrow on your remote.
4. PRESS the UP ARROW on the remote and you should see a little face icon appear above the app name.Navigate to the app and press the up arrow on your remote.
5. You will see a message asking if you’re sure that you want to delete this app.Confirm that you want to delete the app by selecting “YES” and pressing OK.
6. From the same screen that lists your apps, SELECT the LG CONTENT app to visit the LG CONTENT STORE to re-download your app to install it again.Go to the LG CONTENT app to access the LG CONTENT STORE.
7. SELECT the option that says APPS and press OK.In the LG CONTENT STORE, choose the option for apps and press OK.
8. NAVIGATE to the SEARCH MENU and start typing the name of the app that you uninstalled.Use the search menu to type in the name of the app you want to reinstall.
9. SELECT the app that you want to reinstall and PRESS the OK button.Once you’ve found the app, select it and press OK on your remote.
10. SELECT the INSTALL option and PRESS OK.Choose the install option for the app and press OK to start the reinstallation process.
11. OPEN the app and see if it’s working yet.After installation, open the app and check if it’s functioning properly.
LG TV Apps not working

Make sure to keep your television’s software/firmware up to date

Make sure to regularly check for software updates for your TV, as this can often resolve issues. If your TV is outdated, there may be a glitch that has already been resolved by LG. By updating the software, you should be all set. Here’s a guide to verify if you are using the most recent software version.

Updating your LG Smart TV
1Press the SETTINGS button on your remote.
2Select the ALL SETTINGS option from your TV’s menu, at the very bottom.
3Select the ABOUT THIS TV option from the ALL SETTINGS menu.
4Select the CHECK FOR UPDATES option to see if there are any updates available.
5Install the update if there is an update available.
LG TV Apps not working

Should an update be available, consider downloading and installing it following the on-screen instructions on your TV. Once the update is finished, you can go ahead and test out your LG TV apps. If you’re still encountering problems, please move on to the next solution below.

Reconnect your LG TV to the Wi-Fi network

In an earlier section of this guide, we recommended restarting or power-cycling your router as a possible solution to network problems that may be causing connectivity issues with your LG TV apps. If the previous suggestions were not effective, here’s a more detailed guide to resolving internet connection problems that may be hindering your smart TV’s functionality.

At times, simply disconnecting and reconnecting to your WiFi can solve the issue. If your apps or internet connection were previously functioning but have suddenly stopped, this solution may be what you need.

How To Reconnect LG TV to WiFi Internet
1Press the SETTINGS button on your remote.
2Select the ALL SETTINGS option from your TV’s menu, at the very bottom.
3Select the ABOUT THIS TV option from the ALL SETTINGS menu.
4Select the CHECK FOR UPDATES option to see if there are any updates available.
5Install the update if there is an update available.
LG TV Apps not working

Optimize the Advanced Wireless Configuration of Your LG Television

First, let’s modify the “IPv6” setting on your TV.

How To Turn On/Off IPv6 On LG TV
1Navigate to the WiFi settings as described in the previous section about reconnecting to WiFi (Go to SETTINGS, NETWORK SETTINGS, WIRELESS SETTINGS…).
2Select the ADVANCED SETTINGS option from the WIRELESS CONNECTION menu.
3Select the IPv6 option and turn it on if it’s already off.
4Select the same setting again and turn it back off.
LG TV Apps not working

We’re just activating it, then deactivating it again. Another option is to toggle the setting off, test your app, toggle it back on, and test your app once more.

Adjust Your LG TV’s DNS Settings
1In the SAME MENU as mentioned above (The Wi-Fi connection Advanced Settings Menu), TURN OFF the SET AUTOMATICALLY option so that you can EDIT your DNS SERVER settings.
2Navigate to the DNS SERVER menu option and press OK to select it.
3When a keyboard appears on screen, type in (four 8’s and 3 dots).
4Select OK to add the new settings, and press BACK on your remote to return to the previous menu.
5Check your app and see if it’s working. If not, return to the DNS SETTINGS menu and enter and then check if that’s working.
LG TV Apps not working

These DNS servers, operated by Google, can help resolve a variety of internet connection and network problems when set as default. It’s reasonable to assume that Google’s DNS servers are functioning correctly, given their significant role in powering a large part of the internet. This makes it a valuable troubleshooting method.

Ultimate Solution: Performing a Factory Reset to Resolve Issues with LG Smart TV Apps

If none of the other options have been successful so far, it might be worth considering a factory reset for your LG Smart TV.

This is saved for last because it’s not just a matter of making a quick adjustment. If you reset your TV, you will lose all current installations, settings, adjustments, and calibrations.

LG TV Apps not working
LG TV Apps not working

This resets your TV to its factory settings, just like when you first bought and unboxed it. Resetting your device is a straightforward process, but it can be frustrating to have to set up all your preferences again.

When all else fails, this is likely to be the solution that works.

LG TV Apps not working
LG TV Apps not working
How to Factory Reset When LG TV Apps Aren’t Working
1Press the SETTINGS button on your remote control.
2Select the ALL SETTINGS option and press OK.
3Navigate to the GENERAL SETTINGS menu and press the RIGHT ARROW to browse these options.
4Scroll down and highlight the RESET TO INITIAL SETTINGS option.
5Read the WARNING and press OK.
6Follow the instructions on your screen.
LG TV Apps not working

Your television will walk you through the steps to reset it to factory settings. It’s common for your TV to power off and on as it goes through this process, so just be patient and let it finish – it won’t be too lengthy.

After your device is back online, just follow the on-screen instructions to configure your television, re-enter your WiFi password, reinstall the problematic app, and you should be good to go.

Following the factory reset, consider updating your TV to the most recent version (instructions can be found further up on this page). Consider testing the app both before and after installing the update.

LG Smart TV Apps are still not functioning properly! Here’s the next steps to take…

If your LG Smart TV’s apps are still not functioning, even after attempting all the solutions on this page… Looks like luck is not on your side this week, so maybe skip buying any lottery tickets. Typically, one of the solutions on this page will resolve the issue.

Typically, the initial adjustment at the beginning of this article should be sufficient to help you get started.

If you made it through this whole article and tried everything but are still experiencing issues with your app, we apologize for the inconvenience. We tried our hardest, but unfortunately, we disappointed you!

What’s the next step? It could be a good idea to reach out to a TV repair shop or a local electronics expert to inspect your TV. They will likely begin by attempting most of the solutions on this particular page.

There doesn’t seem to be a hardware problem. Typically, such issues may appear as the audio suddenly stops working or the picture fails to display properly. Even defective audio or video can usually be resolved by performing a reset. If you encounter a problem with your app not functioning properly or experience issues with the LG app store, it is typically due to a software glitch.

If your television is functioning normally but lacks a specific app, you may need to wait for either the app or your TV to receive an update, which could potentially resolve the issue. Even if you’ve temporarily lost motivation, it’s important to continue updating your app, reinstalling it from time to time, and making sure your TV software is current. Finally, you can check out LG’s support page to reach out to them.

Conclusion For LG TV Apps not working

Troubleshooting techniques including verifying the internet connection, upgrading software, and reinstalling apps are frequently effective in fixing problems with LG TV apps that aren’t working. It is advised to get in touch with LG customer service for more help if these fixes don’t work.

FAQs (LG TV Apps not working)

Why won’t my LG TV applications open?
This problem could have a number of causes. It could be the result of outdated app software, bad internet connections, or technical issues.

How can I fix non-functioning LG TV apps?
Verify your internet connection first. Next, attempt to reset your TV and update the software on the apps. Try returning your TV to factory settings or getting help from LG support if the issue doesn’t go away.

Why do some LG TV applications crash or freeze?
There are a number of reasons why an application may freeze or crash, including low memory, software defects, or problems with other applications. Try reinstalling the troublesome app, shutting down unneeded apps, and cleaning out the cache.


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