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It is possible that an expired security certificate is to blame if Plex has suddenly ceased functioning on your smart TV. Here’s a way to resolve the problem.

Plex not work
Plex not work

Are you experiencing issues while trying to watch Plex on your smart TV and receiving a message about the server being unavailable? Your television may be the culprit. Certain manufacturers have ceased providing updates for older smart TV models, resulting in this problem. Fortunately, there’s a solution to help you get back on track.

Plex has made a significant announcement through its forums and email notifications regarding the inability of older smart TVs to establish secure connections with Plex servers. The manufacturers of the impacted TV models have ceased providing support through updates, resulting in the absence of an updated certificate.

This problem impacts televisions made by Samsung, LG, Vizio, Hisense, and other brands running specific operating systems. Plex has shared an incomplete list, as shown below.

Plex not work
Plex not work

What didn’t go as planned?

The problem is related to an expired security certificate. Theet’s Encrypt’s DST Root CA X3 cross-signed certificate expired on September 30th, which may cause the issue. According to TechCrunch, Let’s Encrypt’s complimentary certificates have been extensively utilized online since 2014 the nonprofit started providing them for free. As of 2018, an impressive 380 million certificates had been issued for 129 million unique domains.

Let’s Encrypt initially utilized the “DST Root CA X3” cross-signature for all their certificates when they began. This guaranteed that both older and newer devices quickly accepted those certificates. Let’s Encrypt now uses its own “ISRG Root X1” signature for all certificates.

An issue occurs with older devices that depend solely on the CA X3 signature. Due to the expiration of that signature, older smart TVs, phones, and other devices will no longer be able to establish secure connections.

Outdated Plex App

If Plex is no longer working on your smart TV, it could be because the Plex app is outdated. Over time, Plex regularly updates its software to enhance performance and fix any issues. If your smart TV is not up-to-date with the latest Plex app update, it could lead to compatibility problems. To address this issue, look for updates in your smart TV’s app store and verify that the Plex app is current.

Network Connectivity Problems

One potential reason might be network connectivity problems. Plex depends on a reliable internet connection to stream media content from the server to your smart TV. Network interruptions or weak Wi-Fi signals may result in buffering or playback errors. Resolve network connection issues by restarting your router, confirming muscular signal strength, and reducing interference from other devices.

Server Configuration Changes

Modifying the configuration settings of your Plex server may affect how well it works with your smart TV. Ensure your server is functioning correctly and hasn’t experienced any recent alterations that could impact media playback on your TV. Ensure your Plex server can be reached outside networks to stream content from a distance.

Device Compatibility Issues

Some smart TVs, particularly older models or outdated operating systems, may not support the Plex app. If your smart TV does not meet the minimum requirements for running Plex, you might experience problems like crashes or playback errors. Check Plex’s official documentation to ensure compatibility with your TV model and operating system version.

Corrupted App Data or Cache

At times, when app data or cache files get corrupted, Plex may not work correctly on your smart TV. You can address any underlying issues by clearing the app’s cache and data. Head to your smart TV’s settings, find the Plex app and clear its cache and data. Once you’ve restarted the app, try reaccessing your media library.

Getting it fixed

According to Plex, having your server and TV on the same network should prevent problems. However, if the server you’re connecting to is remote, you’ll need to adjust the Plex settings on your TV to permit insecure connections. To accomplish this, navigate to settings and locate the “Advanced” section. Please change the “Allow Insecure Connections” setting to “Always” as shown below. This option might be found in some older TVs’ “Main” section.

It is essential to ensure that the Plex server’s “Secure connections” setting is set to “Preferred.” Typically, most default installations are already configured this way. If you manually adjust this setting to “Required,” you must revert it. To accomplish this, navigate to Settings, locate the “Network” page, and adjust the setting from the drop-down menu as indicated.

Plex not work
Plex not work

For individuals who prioritize privacy, this is a significant concern. The TVs will have unencrypted connections to the streaming server over the internet. To maintain an encrypted connection, plex suggests upgrading to a newer device, like A Google Chromecast, an Amazon Fire TV Stick, or a Roku device,

Pros and Cons

Well-structured Media Library: Plex offers an organized interface for accessing your media collection on Smart TVs.Relying on Internet Connection: Interruptions or slow speeds may affect playback quality.
Ensuring Compatibility Across Platforms: Plex integrates seamlessly with various devices for easy access to media content.Subscription Expenses: Advanced features require a Plex Pass subscription incurring regular fees.
Remote Access: Plex enables streaming from anywhere with internet, enhancing accessibility.Server Maintenance: Technical expertise is needed for server setup and upkeep.
Personalized Playback Choices: Plex allows customization of subtitles, audio tracks, and video quality.Smart TV Compatibility: Compatibility may vary based on device model and OS version, leading to potential issues.
Offline Viewing for Plex Pass Subscribers: Ideal for limited internet situations, offering offline access to media.Content Availability Limitation: Media content availability depends on personal library or subscriptions.
Complete Media Management: Plex simplifies organizing media metadata and generating playlists.Privacy Concerns: Storing personal media on servers may raise privacy and data security worries, especially with remote access.
Plex not work


Ultimately, if Plex is no longer functioning on your smart TV, various factors could be at play. You can identify and solve the problem accurately. by following the above steps. This includes updating the Plex app, addressing network connectivity problems, checking server configurations, ensuring device compatibility, and clearing app cache and data. Check Plex’s support resources or community forums for additional help if necessary. Following a strategic method, you can experience smooth media streaming on your smart TV using Plex.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Plex not work

Q. Please explain what Plex is.
Plex is a versatile media server platform enabling users to efficiently manage, stream, and enjoy their personal media collections across multiple devices, such as movies, TV shows, music, photos, and more.

Q. Will Plex function on Smart TVs?
Plex works with a wide range of smart TV models. Users can download and install the Plex app from their TV’s app store to access their media libraries directly on the television.

Q. What could be causing Plex to stop working on my Smart TV?
Various factors could be causing Plex to malfunction on your Smart TV, such as outdated app versions, network connectivity issues, changes in server configurations, device compatibility problems, or corrupted app data/cache.

Q. How do I go about updating the Plex app on my Smart TV?
To keep your Plex app on your Smart TV up to date, head to the app store on your television (such as Google Play Store or Samsung App Store), find the Plex app, and look for any new updates. Just follow the steps to download and set up the software—the most recent application version.

Q. How can I troubleshoot buffering and playback errors on Plex for my Smart TV?
If you’re facing buffering or playback issues on your Smart TV, troubleshoot your network connection, check your bandwidth, restart your router, and optimize your Plex server settings for streaming.

Q. Does Plex work with my Smart TV?
The compatibility with Plex can differ based on the brand, type, and software version of your Smart TV. Check out Plex’s official documentation or website. Here is a list of supported devices and their minimum requirements.


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