How to Reset LG TV Best Solution

How To Reset LG Tv

The LG Intelligent Televisions have garnered substantial renown for their swift functionality. Nonetheless, on occasion, these LG Smart TVs might confront connectivity quandaries, app installations, or configuration tweaks. In such instances, engaging in a soft reset of the LG Smart TV can ameliorate minor glitches.

Should the issue persist after the soft reset, resorting to a factory reset of the LG TV becomes imperative. This action will purge all installed applications, customized settings, and account particulars. However, it shall rectify intricate issues plaguing the TV, restoring it to its pristine factory condition. This exposé elucidates the process of resetting the LG Smart TV through diverse methodologies.

Soft Reset of LG TV

For minor glitches on your LG TV, a soft reset LG TV stands as the optimal recourse. It is strongly advocated as it rectifies minor anomalies sans erasing any data.

  1. Disengage the LG TV’s cord from the wall socket.
  2.  Post disconnection, allow a lapse of a minute or two.
  3.  Reconnect the cord to the power outlet and power on the LG TV.

4. Optimistically, the antecedent issues shall have been resolved.

Resetting LG Smart TV Using the Remote

If the LG TV continues to malfunction post the soft reset LG TV, resorting to a factory reset becomes imperative. The modus operandi for resetting the LG Smart TV varies contingent on its operating system.

Smart TVs Operating on webOS

  1. Depress the Home button on the LG TV remote.
  2.  Navigate to the Settings icon and opt for All Settings.
  3.  Traverse to General, select System and opt for Reset LG TV to Initial Settings.
  4.  Affirm the action by clicking OK. Should it necessitate a password, input the default reset LG TV code, either 0000 or 1234.
  5.  In a matter of seconds, it shall initiate the reboot of your LG Smart TV, reverting it to its default state.

Smart TVs Operating on NetCast

  1. Depress the Home or Start button on the LG TV remote.
  2.  Access the Settings icon situated at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  3.  From the Settings menu, opt for Option.
  4.  Subsequently, opt for the Factory reset option.
  5.  Input the four-digit password configured for your TV.
  6.  To validate the process, click on Yes.
  7.  Your LG TV shall undergo a reset LG TV.

Note: Factory resetting also serves as the optimal troubleshooting technique to unlock LG TV hotel settings.

Smart TVs Operating on Roku OS

In bygone years, LG Smart TVs were outfitted with Roku OS. For owners of LG Roku TVs, adhering to the following steps shall facilitate a reset LG TV:

  1. Depress the Home button on the Roku remote.
  2.  Subsequently, click on the Settings icon.
  3.  From the settings interface, select System.
  4.  Opt for Advanced System Settings.
  5.  Choose Factory Reset.
How To Reset LG Tv
Reset LG Tv

6. after that, adhere to the on-screen directives to consummate the process.

Resetting LG TV Without the Remote

Should the LG TV remote prove nonfunctional, recourse to the TV’s power button or the LG ThinQ app becomes requisite to effectuate a reset sans the remote.

Using the Power Button

In all LG TV models, a dedicated physical Power button is present. Leveraging this button facilitates resetting the LG TV sans a remote.

  1. To activate your LG TV,Press and hold the Power button for 5–10 seconds. The TV screen will dim, with the LG TV logo appearing.
How To Reset LG Tv
Reset LG Tv

3. The TV screen shall dim, with the LG TV logo manifesting.

4. Post a few seconds, your LG TV shall undergo a reboot.

5. Subsequently, your LG TV shall be reset.

Using the LG ThinQ App

If utilizing TV buttons proves daunting, employing the LG ThinQ App to reset the LG TV via your smartphone is an alternative.

[1] Establish connectivity between your LG TV and the WiFi network, which should be congruent with your smartphone’s.

[2] On your smartphone, access the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and procure the LG ThinQ app.

[3] Initiate the app and log in with your LG account.

[4] Post-login, tap on the +Add Device option from the home interface and opt for Select a Device.

[5] Select the TV icon and designate your LG Smart TV.

[6] Subsequently, your TV screen shall exhibit an activation code. Input the code and click OK to establish pairing.

[7] Utilizing the remote interface, depress the Home button to access the home screen.

How To Reset LG Tv
Reset LG Tv

[8] Navigate to Settings and select the General section.

[9] Opt for Factory Reset and confirm with Yes.

[10] Finally, input the password, either 0000 or 1234, to reset your LG TV.

Resetting the LG Smart TV Password

Upon resetting the LG Smart TV, it shall solicit the password to validate the process. Occasionally, one might inadvertently forget the password. In such instances, resetting the LG TV password becomes requisite.

  1. Access the LG TV Settings interface.
  2.  Peruse through the options and select Advanced Settings.
  3.  Opt for Safety within the Advanced Settings tab.
  4.  Locate the option denoted as Reset Password.
  5.  Highlight the option above and depress the Channel Up button twice.
  6.  Depress the Channel Down and Channel Up buttons once.
  7.  Input the Master Password as 0313. This shall reset the LG TV password.

Successfully, the LG TV password shall have been reset to the default, 0000.

Reasons Warranting an LG TV Reset

Several compelling reasons necessitate a reset:

  • To facilitate the sale of your LG TV, resetting to default settings is imperative.
  • In instances where the LG TV fails to respond to remote commands.
  • When encountering connectivity issues, such as failure to connect to WiFi networks or incessant searches for networks.
  • In scenarios where the LG TV incessantly disconnects or reboots autonomously.
  • When confronted with a scenario where the LG Smart TV displays visuals but fails to emit sound.


Does LG TV feature a reset button?

No, LG Smart TVs lack a reset button. Nevertheless, resetting the TV can be facilitated through physical buttons.

What occurs post-resetting an LG Smart TV?

Post-reset, user data on the TV shall be purged, settings shall revert to default configurations, and installed applications shall be deleted.

How to reset an LG Smart TV sans visual output?

Unplug the TV from the power source, allow a minute to elapse, and subsequently plug the cord back in to initiate the reset process.

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