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Lcd TV has a superior resolution when compared to analogue TV. This ability allows the viewer to enjoy higher definition for a more realistic picture.

Apart from the resolution, LCD take up less space, bigger screen size and less power consumption. The drawback with them is that you need to be at a 90 degree or almost directly in front of the screen to enjoy a good picture. As technology advances this issue will so be a thing of the past.

This drawback is as a result of the LCD not generating its own light. It depends on a circuit that take charge of lighting screen. Depending on your screen size, it could use from 2 lamps all the way up to 32 lamps.

Dark Screen

Most of the time the circuit responsible for generating this light (inverter) stop functioning. As a result you end up with a LCD TV having sound and no picture to having no power. Some LCD TV Set has protection circuit in them, so that if the light source (inverter) is not working it will come on for about 30 sec. or so and then turns off, leaving you only with a series of blinking power light. These sequence of blinking lights is the actual error code. When this happens we can diagnose the faulty part, replaced the parts so that you can enjoy your screen for some time to come.

White Screen

Is usually issue's with the screen, depending on the level of damaged, even this part can be repaired.

Sometime the color starts fading or you have little contrast, all this is indicative of the LCD screen itself.

Usually the T-Con board is responsible for such failure. This board is always located inside the screen itself, depending again on the level of damage, repairs can still be done!


Led TV NOT "LED LCD" is the next best thing compare to Plasma. It addresses the heat issue, is more efficient than LCD and does not have limitation on viewing angle.

Remember an LCD TV will always be an LCD TV.  Be very weary as to TV being advertise as LED TV. What is being done is that the fluorescent lamps are being replaced with led lights, thereby making them more efficient but still having the drawback with viewing angle.

LED TV generates its own light, so viewing angle is not a problem anymore. Due to the source of light being led it does not have that amount of heat that the plasma generates, hopefully soon LED TV 50” or so will be much less than $10,000.


There is many other problems encounter with LCD TV, this is probably a good reason why consumer should not try and find a blown fuse inside.

All these problem and many more can be repaired by E&L Technicians.

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