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Zener Diodes

Part Number Available Description Price
1N5221B In Stock ZD-2.4V,1/2W,DO-35 4.75
BZX55C3V3 In Stock ZD-3.3V,1/2W,DO-35 5.40
1N4729 In Stock ZD-3.6V 1W,DO-41 4.75
1N748A In Stock ZD-3.9V,1/2W,DO-35 4.75
1N750A In Stock ZD-4.7V,1/2W,DO-35 4.75
1N5231B In Stock ZD-5.1V,1/2W,DO-35 4.75
1N4734A In Stock ZD-5.6V 1W,DO-41 4.75
1N4735 In Stock ZD-6.2V 1W,DO-41 5.40
1N4736A In Stock ZD-6.8V,1W,DO-41 5.40
1N5237B In Stock ZD-8.2V,1W,DO-41 5.40

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