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Ans: No. The video signal coming from your video game is no different than the signal you get from your cable station or antenna.

Ans: Yes. TV's, like every other equipment are rated by hours eg. let say your TV is rated for 2,000 hrs and you use it 5 hrs per day. Doing the math says 2000/5= 400 days. That is if your TV is rated for 2,000 hrs.

Ans: This could be tricky. Rated time varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Manufacturer usually hide's this information. A clue though is the warranty they offer. This warranty is base on a 5 hrs per day usage. eg. if a manufacturer offer you 3 yrs manufacturer warranty(not to be confuse with store warranty) a guesstimate would be (3 yrs * 365 days * 5 hrs)=~ 5,500 hrs.

Ans: No. TV's have no moving parts. There is no benefit to you doing this.

Ans: Your television store dangerous amount of electricity that will harm you or worse, fatally harming you. Only qualified person(s) should work on these equipment's.

Ans: This happen when your a circuit called vertical amplifier developed a problems. When this occurs, you will need the assistance of a qualified repair shop, which should have it repaired for you in no time.

Ans: Inside your TV screen is a metal that can be easily be magnetized, when magnetize, it causes the light to hit on a different color dot inside the tube causing you to see wrong colors.

Ans: You need to keep any kind of magnets such as found in speaker and those that you can stick on your refrigerator door from coming close contact to your TV screen. Even vacuuming your rug while you have your TV close by would cause your TV to become magnetized.

Ans: All you need to do is, turn your TV off for about an hour. There is a circuit inside your TV that automatically Demagnetized your screen once the TV has cooled down.

Ans: No. Why? A fuse is a protection device. If it blows it is doing it's job, which is to prevent fire from happening. When it blows there is something wrong inside your device. Replacing the fuse will only cause more damage to your equipment.


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